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Andhra Recipes – Fruit Cake – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Exhaustive recipe text in English together with additional Tips are available on www.gayatrivantillu.com

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Collectibles Guide – Year 6 – A Not So Merry Christmas

LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7 collectibles guide. To make things a LOT easier, I recommend to watch this video before looking for collectibles: www.youtube.com There are still individual videos of Gold and Red bricks, Character Stud, and Student in Peril locations for Hogwarts and every single level. LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough www.youtube.com Video by MarioDragon www.youtube.com

Shammi Kapoor Unplugged – Belated Christmas and New Year Wishes to All of You

Shammi Kapoor Unplugged – Episode – 37. Shammi Kapoor is back with his weekly blog Shammi Kapoor Unplugged. Shammiji explains his absence as he was hospitalised due to a fractured spine. Today, he sends out belated wishes to his fans for Christmas and New Year. Watch the video. Log on to www.rajshri.com to watch more Web Shows.

Luther Vandross – Every Year, Every Christmas

4 Year Old Sings Where Are You Christmas

4 year old girl singing Where Are You Christmas. Used as part of our annual family christmas card. Watch the voice only version at www.youtube.com She was prerecorded singing to the karaoke instrumental version of “Christmas, Why Can’t I find you?” by ProSound Studio Band (instrumental version only) itunes.apple.com I then took three video takes of her actually singing to the recording of herself, cut the video and matched it up to her own recording. The prerecording was to get the best audio quality and the three takes were to change it up a bit with three different camera angles. For those who don’t believe it’s her real voice can play it simultaneously with Cindy Lou’s (Taylor Momsen) version at www.youtube.com If you listen closely you’ll notice they’re two completely different voices by way of voice fluctuation, pitch and enunciation. Also, she sings “AND nothings easy” at 1:07. Cindy sings “NOW nothing’s easy.”

Grampy: Christmas Comes But Once A Year (1936) Max Fleischer Production

“Christmas Comes But Once A Year” ► amzn.to FACEBOOK ► fb.me ► FILMS ► XmasFLIX.com Do you believe in Santa Claus? Click here! ► http CHRISTMAS COMES BUT ONCE A YEAR (1936) An animated short produced by Fleischer Studios and released on December 4, 1936. It is part of the Color Classics series. The short begins in an orphanage, where the orphans are all asleep, awaiting Christmas morning. Just then, the puppy from the clock slides down a ramp and licks on one of the orphans. The first orphan shouts, “Merry Christmas, everybody!” And all the orphans jump out of bed and head to the hall, singing the title song. They grab the toys from their stockings, and get ready to play with them. However, they are sad to discover that the toys are completely broken and fall apart when they are played with. The orphans can’t help but cry. Meanwhile, Professor Grampy is out riding through the snow in his motor-driven sleigh, singing the title song himself. He hears the orphans crying from inside the orphanage, and he parks the sleigh, runs to the door, peeps through the window, and tries to think of a way to give the orphans a better Christmas. He puts on his thinking cap, and shortly, the lightbulb on the cap blinks. Apparently, he has an idea. He climbs through the window and starts making new toys out of household appliances. Finally, he dresses up as Santa Claus (with a stove pipes as the boots, a red cloth as the jacket, a pillow for the weight, and potholders as the hat), grabs

Cartoon-Christmas Comes But Once a Year (1936)

Classic Christmas cartoon from Max and Dave Fleischer. The character Grampy comes from Betty Boop cartoons and this may be his only solo feature. Plot? Grampy saves Christmas for some little kids. See “Betty Boop and Grampy” for more Grampy.