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The Man From Snowy River Australian Banjo’s Poem Video

Banjo Paterson wrote the poem ‘The Man From Snowy River’. It is as Australian as you can get. He tells the story of the tough horsemen of Snowy Mountains. Footage is from the movie ‘Man From Snowy River’ presented by Michael Edgley International & Cambridge Films – perhaps the greatest movie ever made in Australia by Australians. It stars Tom Burlinson, Jack Thompson, Sigrid Thornton and Kirk Douglas (for US distribution purposes & the money men), he did a pretty good job all in all. For those of you who have not seen the movie do yourselves a favor and go get the DVD. You will not regret it.

Killing Til’ Six – Episode 2: Merry Christmas! [In Australia]

Merry 2011 Christmas everyone! Does this count kind of as a Christmas Special? The specimens have Christmas skins on… 😛 Links: Join my Steam Group: steamcommunity.com My Website: www.bluesandvich.com Maveronyx www.maveronyx.com My Store www.zazzle.com My Scrolls Channel: www.youtube.com Tweeter: www.twitter.com YouTube: www.youtube.com Buy Killing Floor on Steam: store.steampowered.com Music by Kevin Macleod: www.incompetech.com