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The Man From Snowy River Australian Banjo’s Poem Video

Banjo Paterson wrote the poem ‘The Man From Snowy River’. It is as Australian as you can get. He tells the story of the tough horsemen of Snowy Mountains. Footage is from the movie ‘Man From Snowy River’ presented by Michael Edgley International & Cambridge Films – perhaps the greatest movie ever made in Australia by Australians. It stars Tom Burlinson, Jack Thompson, Sigrid Thornton and Kirk Douglas (for US distribution purposes & the money men), he did a pretty good job all in all. For those of you who have not seen the movie do yourselves a favor and go get the DVD. You will not regret it.

Seasick Steve LWJH The Banjo Song

Seasick Steve LWJH The Banjo Song

Banjo Kazooie By University Of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra

The Gamer Symphony Orchestra performs Banjo Kazooie by Grant Kirkhope with Mark Cromer on banjo.

Banjo-Kazooie TAS by Sami (2:24:32.63)

***READ BEFORE WATCHING*** *IF THE VIDEO WILL NOT PLAY, PRESS THE “HQ” BUTTON* This tool-assisted speedrun, by Sami Outinen, aims to complete Banjo-Kazooie in as little time as possible, while getting every Jigsaw Piece, Musical Note and Honeycomb Piece. Another rule of the run is to open every note door, which is part of the generally-accepted definition of 100% in Banjo-Kazooie. The author does this by exploiting many tricks and glitches, with a lot of multitasking to get everything done as quickly as possible. Here is a list of the individual level times that Sami achieved in this run: Gruntilda’s Lair: 25:58 Spiral Mountain: 2:03 Mumbo’s Mountain: 5:08 Treasure Trove Cove: 7:01 Clanker’s Cavern: 8:45 Bubblegloop Swamp: 12:23 Freezeezy Peak: 12:04 Gobi’s Valley: 10:03 Mad Monster Mansion: 9:22 Rusty Bucket Bay: 9:37 Click Clock Wood: 18:04 Game Total: 2:00.28 This run was made on an emulator, with slowdown,frame-by-frame shooting, savestates and rerecords. It is NOT meant to show skill, but rather the game pushed to its limits. It is only supposed to provide entertainment. You must bear this in mind when watching this video, or any TAS, for that matter. Any anti-TAS comments (these include comments like “do it on a console, then I’ll be impressed”, “you suck for using an emulator”, “cheater”, etc) WILL be deleted on sight, and the poster will be permanently blocked from posting comments at any of my videos, or on my channel. Try to remember that speedruns and TASes are

Banjo-Kazooie Music: The Final Battle

Grunty’s final boss music from Banjo-Kazooie.

Mean Mary playing fast banjo

Mean Mary playing a fast banjo rendition of Cripple Creek on her Deering Goodtime openback. This video was shot on the steps of a long cabin at Chickasaw State Park in West Tennessee. To learn more about Mean Mary, find out where she’s playing, and purchase cds & downloads please visit

Duelling Banjo “Deliverance”

A famous fragnent from a “Deliverance” moovie